30 Days to Prepare Your Home For Sale

The 30 Day Guide To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Prepare your home for sale in 30 days. We found the inspiration for this guide from Toronto real estate gurus, The Brel Team, but it is different to prepare your home for sale in Glendale Ca. This is a comprehensive guide with a lot of resources and tips. Click any […] Read more »


Should You Get a Pre-Sale Home Inspection?

A pre-sale home inspection will help you have a smoother and easier home sale. If the pre-sale home inspection identifies any issues you can reduce your repair costs or even eliminate the need for any action (or money) at all. In order to talk about the importance of a pre-sale home […] Read more »

Is Staging Worth It?

Is Staging Worth It?

You are getting your home ready for sale and you want to know, is staging worth it? It’s a lot of time money and hassle and you want to know if it will pay off. The quick answer is, “yes” Any home can sell exactly the way it is, as long […] Read more »