Chapman Woods, Pasadena

CHAPMAN WOODS LOCATION Chapman Woods is located in Southeast Pasadena. It is bordered by Del Mar Boulevard to the north, Huntington Drive to the south, the Eaton Wash to the west, and Highway 19 (Rosemead Boulevard) to the east. Part of Chapman Woods is located in LA County (unincorporated) WHAT PEOPLE LOVE Chapman […] Read more »

Madison Heights, Pasadena

MADISON HEIGHTS LOCATION Madison Heights is located in Southwest Pasadena, below California Ave. The western border is S. Arroyo Parkway and the eastern border is a jagged line that starts art Lake Ave. but narrows down toward the bottom to Los Robles Ave. WHAT PEOPLE LOVE Madison Heights is a […] Read more »

Daisy-Villa, Pasadena

DAISY-VILLA LOCATION Daisy-Villa is located in Northeast Pasadena, east of Sierra Madre Blvd and north of the 134 freeway. Orange Grove forms its northern border. WHAT PEOPLE LOVE Gwinn Park is in the northeast corner of the neighborhood, and the neighborhood has access to more parks than any other in […] Read more »

Casa Grande, Pasadena

CASA GRANDE LOCATION Casa Grande is located in the Northeast section of Pasadena, above the 210 freeway between Allan Ave. and Altadena Dr. Casa Grande St. forms the northern border. WHAT PEOPLE LOVE This is a mostly modest neighborhood filled with charming homes from the 1930’s and 1940’s. However, there […] Read more »

Lower Hastings Ranch Home

Lower Hastings Ranch, Pasadena

LOWER HASTINGS RANCH LOCATION Lower Hastings Ranch is located in Upper Northeast Pasadena, near the Eaton Canyon Golf Course. Sierra Madre Blvd. forms the northern border, Sierra Madre Villa is on the west, S. Michillinda is on the east and Foothill Blvd. forms the southern border. WHAT PEOPLE LOVE Lower […] Read more »

Upper Hastings Ranch, Pasadena

Upper Hastings Ranch, Pasadena

UPPER HASTINGS RANCH LOCATION Upper Hastings Ranch is located in Upper Northeast Pasadena, near the Eaton Canyon Golf Course. Sierra Madre Blvd. forms the southern border, and N. Michillinda Ave. is the eastern border. WHAT PEOPLE LOVE Upper Hastings Ranch started development in 1951 with the original Coronet Homes and […] Read more »

Lower Arroyo, Pasadena

LOWER ARROYO LOCATION Lower Arroyo is the genteel neighborhood located just south of the famous RoseBowl. It is borrdered on the west by Avenue 64 (the Eagle Rock Border), the 134 freeway to the north, Pasadena Ave/St. John Ave. to the east and South Pasadena on the south. WHAT PEOPLE […] Read more »

Linda Vista, Pasadena

LINDA VISTA LOCATION Linda Vista is the neighborhood running along the west side of the Rose Bowl. La Canada is the western border and it starts at the bottom of the Bowl at the 134 freeway and goes all the way to the top ending at the 210 Freeway. WHAT […] Read more »

San Rafael Hills, Pasadena

SAN RAFAEL HILLS LOCATION San Rafael Hills is located right along the Eagle Rock border, just below the 134 freeway. Avenue 64 forms its eastern border and Colorado Blvd. is the border to the south. WHAT PEOPLE LOVE San Rafael Hills is the perfect neighborhood for people who want to […] Read more »

Historic Highlands Pasadena

Historic Highlands, Pasadena

HISTORIC HIGHLANDS LOCATION Historic Highlands is located in North Central Pasadena. It’s boundaries are above Washington Blvd., and belowNew York Dr. (the Altadena border), between N. Lake Ave.. and N. Hill Ave. WHAT PEOPLE LOVE Historic Highlands is a Landmark neighborhood and people love the breadth of homes in this […] Read more »

Garfield Heights Craftsman

Garfield Heights, Pasadena

GARFIELD HEIGHTS LOCATION Garfield Heights is located in North Central Pasadena. It’s boundaries are below Washington Blvd., and above E. Mountain St., between N. Marengo Ave.. and Los Robles Ave. WHAT PEOPLE LOVE Garfield Heights is a relatively small Landmark Neighborhood filled with picturesque cottages. People love the neighborhood feel […] Read more »