Sell Glendale CA Home in AS Is condition

Video: Can I Sell My Home As Is?

The most frequent question I hear is “Can I sell my Glendale Ca home “as is”?” I’ve discovered that “as is” means different things to different people.  Many people want to avoid major repairs or remodeling.  Some want to avoid expensive staging or landscaping. The answer, of course, is “Yes”!  You […] Read more »

Glendale CA Real Estate 1625 W. Kenneth Rd.

Prepare Your Home For Sale

Homeowners are gearing up for the fall home-selling season and they want to know, “What can I do to increase my profits?” There are a lot of things you can do ranging from simple, no cost, action to large scale remodeling. We got together, at DIGGS and listed out or […] Read more »

Glendale CA Real Estate Pool House

Prepare a Home for Profit

A lot has happened at my new listing, CaliforniaDIGGS, since I first saw it six weeks ago.  The owners did everything that we asked.  We priced it above the comparable sales in the area and received a full priced offer in 3 days and more offers are pouring in as […] Read more »