Buyer Closing Costs

Buyer Closing Costs in Glendale Explained

The home buyer’s closing costs vary depending on where they buy a home. While everything is negotiable, there are accepted standards in each area of which fees are paid by the buyer and which are paid by the seller. It is often easier to negotiate the sales price than it […] Read more »

10 Reasons To Hire A Buyer's Agent

10 Reasons To Hire A Buyer’s Agent [Bonus Video]

Why should you hire a Buyer’s Agent? After all, you might think it is easier and better to work directly with the listing agent of a home. Under ideal circumstances, you are not wrong – but can you count on everything being ideal at every point? Why should you hire […] Read more »

Saving for a down payment

9 Ways To Get A Down Payment On A House

It seems impossible to get enough money for a down payment on a house. It is the most common barrier to the Great American Dream of homeownership. In spite of this, every year we help buyers buy their first home. We have learned a lot about how buyers accumulate a […] Read more »

dual agent

Dual Agency – Should I Work With The Listing Agent?

Many buyers think they can buy a house without a Realtor because they think it is better to work directly with the listing agent (seller’s representative) when buying a home. What Is Dual Agency Why Would You Work With The Listing Agent? How Dual Agency Is A Mistake What is […] Read more »

8 Worst Homebuyer Mistakes

Homebuyer mistakes are scary! Buying a home should be simple, right? See a home, make an offer, get a loan and move in. Is it crazy to imagine there is more to it than that? Buying a home is more than a financial transaction.  In this competitive home buying market, there is […] Read more »

Home Buying Checklist

The First 5 Things a Home Buyer Needs To Do

After casually looking at real estate listings for forever… you are ready to buy a home. Congratulations! Moving out of the curiosity phase is a big deal and it can be a little scary. Here are the 5 most important things you need to do to make sure you buy […] Read more »