How to Pick a Buyer Agent

Ten Questions To Ask a Top Buyer Agent

You’ve decided you need your own, dedicated Buyer Agent. You know that a Top Buyer Agent will help you avoid mistakes and get the best home. Buying a home in Glendale Ca does not have to be hard, but buying the wrong home can be a disaster. Every real estate […] Read more »

Home Buying 101

Home Buying 101: What to expect at each step

What Should I Expect When Buying a Home? You can’t have it all. What are your compromises? Your down payment is just the start. Understand ALL the cost involved. Do you need your own agent? You might need a top buyer’s agent of your own. Don’t be left homeless! A […] Read more »

8 Worst Mistakes a Homebuyer Can Make

Buying a home should be simple, right? See a home, make an offer, get a loan and move in. Is it crazy to imagine there is more to it than that? Buying a home is more than a financial transaction.  In this competitive home buying market, there is a complex web of invisible […] Read more »

Buy Your First Home- The Money

The Complete First Time Home Buyer Guide

The Money Buying your first home is thrilling and scary all at once.  You can do everything online- find a home, get an estimate of value, apply for a loan.  Simple, right? But how do you know you are getting the best information? Should you really commit yourself to a 30 […] Read more »

What a Buyer's Agent does

4 Critical Ways A Buyer Broker Protects You

You think you want a buyer broker  (also known as a Buyer Agent). But you aren’t sure. It seems like all the information you need is on the internet, right? Kendyl Young shares decades worth of experience to help you understand the truth of whether or not you need your own buyer […] Read more »