Sold Story – 1430 Irving Ave.

The mechanics of a home sale are pretty straightforward – it is why there are so many real estate agents. But the agents who succeed pay attention to a lot more than just those nuts and bolts.

They pay attention to their clients.

Most people buy or sell for a Big Life Reason and I learned, long ago, that if I made the selling process easier I made their Big Life Reason (BLR) a little easier.

Adrienne’s BLR was combining households with her son’s young family. She is obsessed with her baby grandson (I am too- he is adorable) and life would be much easier if they lived as one household.

Here is what they were faced with: a hotter than hot seller’s market, a lack of recent comparable sales to predict sales (and appraisal) price, a home that appears dated but is in tip-top condition, and the need to buy the right home for Adrienne and her son’s family – contingent on the sale of this home.

All of these points, and much more, equaled a complex jigsaw puzzle that needed to be put together in just the right way.

So, here’s what we did…

  • There are a lot of ways to present a home in it’s best light. Adrienne chose to do a good “clean and declutter” and to use an attractive list price as her main marketing tool.
  • She priced her home $50,000 under the obvious market price and $150,000 under her “wish” price. She would have been happy with any number in between.
  • To cut down or eliminate the buyer trying to renegotiate the price due to inspection issues we provided full inspection and disclosures, upfront.

We launched the home on the market and was instantly flooded with showing requests. At almost the same time, Adrienne and her son found a home they wanted to buy! The challenge was convincing that seller to accept Adrienne’s offered, contingent on the sale or 1430 Irving.

I did not represent Adrienne and her son in the purchase – they bought in Orange County. However, I worked with her buyer’s agent and the listing agent of the home she wanted – I know what a listing agent needs to see and hear. I used all of my experience to give her the confidence to advise her seller to take Adrienne’s offer – contingency and all. Whew!!!

Intrestingly, that OC seller turned around and made an offer on another house – contingent on both their and Adrienne’s home closing escrow. I was able to help THAT listing agent feel confident enough to accept the offer.

In the end Adrienne sold her home for $$300,000 over the asking price. But the better part of the story- she had an utterly snooth, request-free home sale experience, she was able to buy the home of her wishes against all odds, and all of the transactions closed on time and without drama. I can’t really take credit for the sales price, but I know I helped Adreinne get everything else.


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