Diggs Live- Orange County and North San Diego County

Thinking about selling your home but don’t know where to go? On our Facebook show, DIGGS Live, we’re covering various escape hatch locations around the country.  In this episode, we’re chatting with real estate professionals Mary Maloney in North County San Diego and Raj Qsar in Orange County. Here’s what you need to know!

According to Raj, here’s the important stuff you need to know about buying in Orange County.

-The OC is very bi-polar. Along the water, it could cost  $1.8 million and up for a small condo on PCH. However, that same money inland could buy you a huge estate.

-The City of Orange is very up and coming. There’s a lot of very cute Mid Century Moderns in their downtown village area known as The Circle. However, prices have gone up near Chapman Universtiy because parents are buying homes for their kids to live in and rent out to friends.

-If you are looking for your own little patch of sand, Surfside, just north of Huntington Beach is still somewhat affordable. It’s a private, gated community and will cost you between $1 and 4 million.

-Looking inland, areas like Brea and Fullerton have your classic 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom homes for about $600-700,000. And it’s only 25 minutes to the beach, without traffic.

North County
Here’s Mary’s insider scoop on North San Diego County.

-North County has a very active and outdoorsy lifestyle. There’s a lot of cycling, surfing, golf, and equestrians.

-For about $850-900,000 you can afford a 3br/2ba, 1,700-2,000 sq ft. in Carlsbad or Encinitas.

-If you take that same $850,000 ten miles inland to Vista San Marcos, you’re looking at maybe 4 bedrooms plus an office. And the bonus of inland is more sun and less fog.

-North County also has some great 55 and older communities. Ocean Hills is close to the ocean and you can buy in for $600-700,000. Plus it includes the golf course and country club lifestyle which is a great way to downsize without downgrading.

-BONUS!!! Looking for a super secret up and coming neighborhood that’s a really good investment??? Mary says South Oceanside. You can have your dream beach cottage for $700-800,00 and there is lots of new construction.



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