DIGGS Live – Move to Hawaii

Today, on DIGGS Live we talk to my boyfriend, Erik Hinshaw about what it is like to move to Hawaii.

Erik Hinshaw went from a high powered, high-stress life on the mainland to a life of happiness and Aloha on Hawaii. On DIGGSLive I’ll get his scoop on what it takes to move to an island thousands of miles away from everything we know. What does it cost, what do you do and what are the people like? I mean, does he ever have to wear pants?

Show Notes:

Erik Hinshaw sells homes in the Honolulu area on the island of Oahu.

Erik has lived in Hawaii for about 10 years and has 8.5 years of real estate sales experience.

Two cool less discovered areas:

Kaimuki on the back side of Diamondhead and filled with college kid graduates and an eclectic mix of homes built in the 20’s and 30’s. There is a Main Street that is real small town USA. You can buy a home between $600 – $800k

Kaka’akao is another super cool area that is being built out with a walkable lifestyle. There are lots of modern shopping and upscale restaurant. This is a great area for a downsizing family/person who wants a convenient lifestyle without the upkeep.  HOA and maintenance runs about a little over a dollar per square foot.  Erik cautions us that home maintenance is more expensive and frequent in Hawaii due to the tropical climate. The condo fees seem high, but they are not high relative to owning a hoe in Hawaii

Property taxes are some of the lowest in the nation. So, he sold a $1,5000,000, is assessed at 1,200,000 and the property taxes are $3,000/year.  If the home is your second home or investment (you are not a full time resident) the taxes double. Taxes are fairly stable, rising a little each year.

The cost of food has come time quite a lot with the addition of CostCo, Targets and Home Depots.  If you eat locally produced foods it is quite inexpensive.

New people can find it a little hard, at first, to be accepted by the locals. They wonder if you are even going to be there more than a year- they are reluctant to invest in the friendship. But it is really easy to get involved in any number of organizations and there is always someone else new to the islands to bond with.  After a couple of years the locals come to accept you are there to stay and welcome you with open arms.

People certainly do all the cliche Island things- surf, snorkel, paddle board and hike. Erik certainly does all of that, but he found it easy to revert to his old life activities, going to restaurants, meeting friends in cafes or going to museums.

The weather is perfect

There is every lifestyle you might want to enjoy.  Erik likes to unpack what the “dreamlike” looks like to you in order to match you to the right neighborhood.

If you want to contact Erik or learn more about him, read his blog: ttps://www.hawaiilife.com/erikhinshaw



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