DIGGS Live- Move to Bend Oregon

You would LOVE to sell your home at these peak prices…. but where would you go?! Join me as I talk with my Realtor pals from all over the country- what is their area like, how much do homes cost and who is already living there? In this episode my good buddy Greg Fischer shares why he thinks you should move to Bend Oregon.

Show Notes:

Who is Greg Fischer?

Greg is the Broker of Record at Fred Real Estate in Bend Oregon and the Director of Growth

Greg chose Bend like a lot of people. The population has grown a lot in the last 5 years, and they expect to double (to a pretty sparse 90,000) in the next 5 years.

Why does Greg love Bend Oregon?

Bend is different from Tahoe that it is a year ’round economy, not a seasonal destination.  He loves that it feels like a vacation all the time.

What is the economy like in Bend Oregon?

Central Oregon has had historic high unemployment.  They are a little more isolated. But lately manufacturing- food and sporting equipment.  They have a huge brewery culture (Bend Ale Trail is a huge deal), it is a number one beer destination. This laid the ground work for other related industries to make their way to Bend.

There is also a huge technology sector that is growing.  Lots of start ups, venture capitalists and remote workers from Seattle and the Bay Area. Facebook opened a data center for mid level IT types. Sony is another company is investing in the area.

What are the people like in Bend Oregon?

This is the place for those who love the ideas. Ideal for REI rebate recipients.

Non- Athletic minded people: There is a great music scene, Oregon style Blue Grass, there is an amphitheater in town with major acts, John Mellencamp is due to play next week. Concerts and festivals is located in areas walkable to restaurants and mellow clubs.

What is the people vibe:  Casual. People are friendly, not rushed or stressed. The city is compelled to grow.  They are adding infrastructure and people. This creates an interesting mix of progressives and older conservatives, but Greg sees them cooexisting very well.

What are homes prices in Bend Oregon?

You can get a few years old home on the outskirts of town with a smallish yard (like 6k lot) for about $350,000. If you want to be in town you’re looking about $500,000 – $600,000 for a high-end lifestyle. These homes are mostly character homes remodeled and move in ready.

The best way to get a hold of Greg is at his website, BendStation.com or you can call him at 541-408-9239.

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