DIGGS Live- Elizabeth Golden, Huntsville Alabama

You would LOVE to sell your Glendale/Foothill home for today’s high prices, but where would you go? Did you know that Huntsville Alabama has a thriving tech community and an amazing lifestyle? Join me as I talk to my great friend Elizabeth Golden about homes, lifestyle and people in her corner of the South!


Elizabeth started selling real estate in 1977 in St. Louise and sold for three years, then relocated to Nashville and sold for 8 years. The next marriage took her to Huntsville where she has been ever since. She owns the At Homes Realty Group which is a boutique brokerage with 20 agents with a broad spectrum of personalities and specialties to choose from. This is also important because there are a ton of small areas that are quite distinct. At Homes has neighborhood specialists.

What kind of people live in Huntsville Alabama?

We have a huge science based population- NASA is here as well as army support and a large hospital population. They have the highest per capita phd population in the United States

What else do you love about living there

We are number one in craft beer breweries in Alabama. This has really helped with Downtown and “Off” downtown development. The parks, shopping, hiking, kayaking. There is tons of culture with arts, ballet, symphony, concerts in the park nearly all year around!

If one wanted to downsize from their large middle class to upper middle class

For an upper-middle-class home, you can expect an all brick, one level, bonus room, granite, hardwoods with a nice lot 1/4 – 1/2 acre. That’s around town. These homes are about 3000 SF for $300,000 – $400,000 move in ready. We also have new construction and that’s a bit more. Large outdoor rooms are becoming popular. Many developments have community centers with pools. We can swim about 5 months out of the year.

What are property taxes like in Huntsville?

They are very, very reasonable. I don’t remember the last time I saw a property tax increase. On a $300,000 home, your taxes would be about $2,000. A very stable, I dont remember the last increase. And we also have some of the best schools in Alabama. They are very good. The California people that come here often transition from private schools in California and public schools here.

People come from Huntsville because of NASA and Boeing. Californians are often a bit shocked because we don’t have that “walkable” lifestyle that you guys seem to like. They do love the fact that we don’t have any traffic at all compared to you! You can get anywhere you want at any time of the day in 20 min, tops!!

Our average sales price is $213,000- imagine that!!

And Huntsville is getting Google Fiber!!

What are utilities like?

Electricity, natural gas and automobile fuel is all very reasonable.

And, you can get a great home for under $250,000

Let’s talk about the people- who is there outside of engineers?

I was worried about moving somewhere small versus being in Nashville and diverse- but I rarely meet people that are native to Huntsville. The majority of us are transplants!

Is everyone there one color?

No!  I think we have a really diverse population and we are pretty hip and liberal here!  We do have a church on every corner, but we have every faith and lack thereof in this city!

What are the up and coming areas close to Huntsville that one should Google if they were doing their research?

Well, I live in Madison, a small city with about 70,000 people. It has beautiful greenway and amazing schools.  A tiny downtown with a brewery. Village of Providence is super cool- it’s live/work, greenspace, restaurants.

We are VERY school district driven. Any internet search starts at Great Schools Madison City has been number one the last couple years, Grissom HS and Huntsville HS in Huntsville City, Sparkman and Buckhorn are the top five in our search results.

What do people do- common hobies, leisure activities

They love hiking and biking.  REI says we are number 6 in the country for hiking. We are hills and smokey mountains from here to Chattanooga is gorgeous. We have a big home school community as well.

What is the weather really like?

So, how humid is humid? It’s miserably humid for about a month. August, specifically. This year it was the heat index of like, 115. But the rest of the summer is like high 90’s, but the rest of the year is very mild. Winter is very mild high temps in the 30’s or 40’s. If we get snow the whole city shuts down.  Is gorgeous, but it doesn’t happen that often and it doesn’t stick around.

Elizabeth is the broker-owner of @Homes Realty Group and an expert in all things Huntsville Alabama Real Estate.




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