Cool places to break a sweat around Glendale, CA

There are endless ways to break a sweat in the Glendale and La Crescenta Foothills. We have great hiking trails, fabulous parks and a YMCA that can’t be beat. But if you are looking for a smaller, more personalized way to get fit this year a small studio can offer a fun way to break a sweat. Here are some of our favorites in town.

Yoga Rock: If you are looking for a studio that is welcoming for people of all shapes, sizes and skill levels, this is the studio for you. Nicole Mercolino and Rose Robles set out to build a studio that is “committed to the development of the entire, whole individual while providing a space for you to transform”. Check out one of the classes taught by DIGGS agent Alicia Pal on Wednesday mornings.

Revolution Dance Center: We love the nurturing and caring way the instructors at RDC teach our kids, but did you know they also offer adult dance classes? From hip hop to lyrical to dancing in heels, each month a different style is taught by one of the talented (and tough) instructors to help you work up a sweat and shake up your exercise routine. Classes are $10 per class of $40 per month. Grab some friends and have some fun!

Parents Play Too: We have been there, staring at our phones or making small talk with the other parents while our kids practice the sport of the moment at the park. The people behind Parents Play Too don’t want you to waste that hour catching up on the tweets of the moment; they want you to get fit. With several different programs centered around after school activity time and preschool hours there is something for busy parents everywhere.

Pedal Spin: Looking to burn a ton of calories in an environment that feels more like hanging out at a club with your friends than trudging through 5 miles on a treadmill at the gym? Spin classes have become wildly popular for a reason; you can get an intense workout in a non competitive space and have a great time whether you are a beginner or expert. With the right instructor a 45 minute session goes by in a flash and you leave feeling euphoric and energized.

Surface Fitness: A gym designed specifically for kids health and wellbeing, we love the body positive environment at Surface Fitness. With an emphasis on overall wellbeing and the power within each child’s body, our kids have a great time and leave feeling empowered….and ready for a healthy snack!

We hope this list inspires you to give a new workout a try!

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