Cool Home Crush – A Koenig in La Canada

This week’s crush is also a stunning Mid Century Modern and it’s a doozy! The Squire Home in La Canada’s Deodar neighborhood is a rare example of Peter Koenig’s early work. (name ring a bell? Hello?  Case Study #22 in Los Angeles)

Photos of Koenig Mid Century Modern Home in La Canada

Here are the Deets:

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5 Things We Love About This Koenig Mid Century Home In La Canada

  1. The quiet. All you hear is the wind and the birds.
  2. The ridiculous wall of glass. This home was the prequel to Koenig’s masterwork Case Study #22
  3. Every room opens to an outdoor space or private “room”
  4. I am mad for the den on the other side of the dual fireplace. I would read books there until forever.
  5. Can you imagine skinny dipping in a hot tub in the frosted glass patio?

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Listing via Chris Suarez and Kimberly Benz, Dilbeck

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