Real Estate Investment Strategy

Real Estate Investment Strategy Guide

“Buy Real Estate!”, they say – but no one tells you about real estate investment strategy and how it works. Here are ten steps to every Real Estate Investment strategy that every investor should consider. They are not complicated, but each one requires careful research, thought and consideration in order […] Read more »

A no excuses guide to investing in income property

There are a ton of reasons to be nervous about investing in income properties. After all, money sitting in the bank will not let you down (it won’t do much else for you either). You can’t afford to invest in income properties in LA because prices are so damn high: […] Read more »

Renters Are People Too

What is the super important stuff that renters need to know? Last week on DIGGS Live, we talked to Alissa Hellman of Bamboo Realty in Raleigh, North Carolina about just that. Diggs has a brand new pay-what-you-want program, DIGGS Rents, specifically for renters. Here are the important highlights from last week’s […] Read more »

How To Find A Glendale Rental Home

It is hard to find a place to rent in the Glendale area.   Rental vacancies are scarce in La Crescenta, La Canada, and Pasadena, as well. If you are local and can devote the time to driving by an available unit, you might be one of the several applications […] Read more »

Sell investment Property with tenants

Should I Sell Investment Property With Tenants?

I had a call from a potential seller today.  HIs first words were, “Should I sell investment property with tenants?”. The homeowner was afraid that the process might result in a vacant unit and no rent. Are you like this caller? Do you own a Glendale CA investment property?  Your first […] Read more »