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    House Hunting

    High End Home In Glendale vs Los Angeles

    High end home buyers are having a very hard time. If you are looking for a luxury home under 1.5 million dollars in Los Angeles you are looking at small homes, strange lots or busy locations. That is why Glendale and the surrounding areas ar...

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    Broker Caravan Broker Open

    What is a Broker Open House?

    https://youtu.be/7y21OM66rk4 Broker Open House or Broker Caravan is a primo way to get the edge over the "other" home buyers. The better edge is to work with a DIGGS agent as your dedicated Buyer's Agent! We write these posts to showcase our...

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    Open Sign

    What is the Lifecycle of a New Listing?

    What happens when a home first hits the market? The first thing the public normally sees is the sign in the yard, the home is on the multiple list service (MLS) and it is officially "on the market". If a home is priced well and properly pre...

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    When is it sold?

    When Does A Sold Sign Go In The Yard?

    What Does A SOLD Sign Mean? When is a home sold, really? Is it when the SOLD sign appears in the front yard? There are two steps to "sold". The first step is when the Homeseller accepts a purchase contract from a buyer. That buyer has (typi...

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    Unpermitted Home Addition

    Should I Avoid Additions Without Permit

    Should You Avoid Additions Without Permit? There are a lot of homes with additions done without a proper permit. You can't always avoid them, so there are some important questions you need to ask before you are fully committed. Glendale is ...

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    Found The Right House

    7 Ways To Know You’ve Found The Right House

    You need to know if you've found the right house. You don't want to buy the "wrong" house and feel stuck. It's not like there is a free returns policy, right?! You might have looked at a hundred houses and they all could sort of work if only...

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    Remodeled Kitchen

    Is a Remodeled Home Worth More Money?

    I know this question sounds rhetorical, but hear me out. I had my listing on Graynold open for the Glendale Brokers yesterday.  The home was well received, several agents brought their clients, as this was the first chance to show, and all we...

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