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    COVID Effect On Real Estate

    The COVID Effect On Real Estate

    What is the COVID effect on real estate in 2021? It affected everything, especially our assumptions about where we have to live because of our jobs. Remote work is either the best thing to happen to humankind or...? Remote work isn't the ...

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    DIGGS Town Hall Meeting July 2020

    July Town Hall – The Ultimate Seller’s Guide

    https://youtu.be/m3HtLlCDk98 Are You Hoping To Sell Your Home Soon? The housing market continues to defy all expectations. Buyers are lining up. Prices are strong. Will it last? Inventory is starting to grow. Will the demand keep up? In...

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    Coronavirus Impact On Real Estate June 2020

    Coronavirus Effect On Real Estate June 2020

    Everyone is asking what is the Coronavirus Effect on real estate through June 2020. It doesn't make any sense - our economy is taking blow after ugly blow, but the multiple offers keep happening and prices seem to be going up. What the heck is ...

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    DIGGS June Town Hall Meeting

    How do you see homes for sale in a COVID world? Everything has changed... but it's not difficult once you get the hang of it. ⁠ ⁠ Here is the recording for our June Live and Interactive Town Hall meeting. In this fast-paced informatio...

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    Guide to Buying A Home With Pet

    DIGGS May Town Hall Meeting Recap

    https://youtu.be/JoiTx6QAd24 Show Notes: Mortgage Loan Update - Shea Case Very few changes if your loan amount is under $765,000 If the loan amount is over $765,000 you must have at least 20% down payment Loans can be done in...

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    DIGGS Town Hall Meeting

    DIGGS Town Hall Meeting May 2020

    What Is Happening In Real Estate Today?! Join us for the DIGGS Town Hall Meeting - Free on Zoom and Facebook Live. May 14th at 7 PM. CLICK HERE for your invitation. You Are Wondering If You Can Buy Or Sell We've been Safer At Home for a litt...

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    Coronavirus Impact on Real Estate

    Coronavirus Impact On Real Estate

    Coronavirus Impact On Real Estate Sales Coronavirus impact on real estate sales in ways we could not have imagined just six months ago. At DIGGS, our most important goal is the health and safety of our clients, our team and our community. H...

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    Coronavirus MLS Tracker

    Coronavirus Real Estate Activity Tracker [Video]

    Real Estate is local, and we are proud to introduce our hyper-local Coronavirus Real Estate Activity Tracker. There are lots of rumors and anecdotes about what is happening in real estate right now. Prices are going down! Prices are going...

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    Successful Town Hall Meeting

    April Town Hall Meeting Recap

    Whew! We finally put all the chairs away... The very first [successful] DIGGS Town Hall Meeting was a lot of fun and filled with the up to the minute data for everyone interested in the real estate business. Get The Recording Mortgag...

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