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    Good Advice For Cool Homes

    Organization Hacks for Character Home

    Organization Hacks For Character And Historic Homes

    You need some serious organization hacks if you live in a character or historic home. Life was clearly very different "back then". It is hard to fit a modern life into a home built before 1940. Closets were smaller, backyards were an after-t...

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    Adding character to your home

    How Do I Add Character To My Home?

    You want to add character to your home because no one wants to live in a faceless, soulless, bland stucco box. Character can come from your “interior design” - your furniture, art, collectibles, and accessories. It can come from architectu...

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    Sold Story – Selling A Home That’s Unique

    Greg and Bynette had arrived at an enviable place in life. Neither was tied to a particular location and they were free to live anywhere they wanted. 1657 Cielito in the Rossmoyne Hills had not been home for very long and they still lo...

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