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    First Time Home Buyer

    First Timer Home Buyer's Guide

    The Complete First Time Home Buyer Guide

    First time home buyer needs a complete guide to home buying in order to avoid potentially disastrous mistakes. Fortunately, we've sold a few thousand homes and know what to expect! Read through this post to learn how to make great decisions. ...

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    Buy or Rent

    Rent or Buy Your Next Home?

    Should you rent or buy your next home? When I started my real estate career way back in late '80's it was accepted wisdom that you are only a renter until you can scratch your way into owning.  The question was not, "should you buy" it was "...

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    Home Buying 101

    Home Buying 101: What to expect at each step

    What Should I Expect When Buying a Home? You can't have it all. What are your compromises? Your down payment is just the start. Understand ALL the cost involved. Do you need your own agent? You might need a top buyer's agent of...

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    How To Buy A Home In Glendale

    Last night we had a sell out crowd for our First Time Home Buyer Webinar. Buyers and Brews event for buyers of Glendale  homes. Clearly, there are lots of people who are looking for Glendale CA Homes For Sale and figure out how to buy them. Hu...

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