Our Tails are Wag!-ing

We are super excited to share a great new invention with our furriest DIGGS friends! We are super excited to share a great new invention with our furriest DIGGS friends! https://youtu.be/rsP1yDLNVuA Our favorite on-demand dog walking app, Wag!, has created the Wag! Tag to help pet parents find their lost […] Read more »

glendale ca neighborhood

Top 10 Best Glendale Ca Neighborhoods

Here are the Top 10 best Glendale Ca neighborhoods and Hidden Gems (tons of links – cuz who doesn’t want to go down a link-filled rabbit hole?!) (Updated 3/10/2020) 1. Downtown Glendale This isn’t your grandparents downtown Glendale. Take a trolly ride at the Americana or watch the Bellagio style […] Read more »

Mid Century Home

Mid Century Homes in Glendale and The Foothills

Mid Century Homes in Glendale and the Foothills Mid Century home enthusiasts are special. They are dreamers, artists, and rebels who stick up for the underdogs and champion great causes. Peace, privacy, community and connection and important values. They don’t shut nature out, they blur the line between inside and […] Read more »

Storytelling Session

Speaking – Storytelling for Tech on Tap

Glendale is pulling the Tech Scene together with the Tech on Tap events. Kendyl Young was the featured speaker at this event where she educated the audience on how Storytelling has exploded in the digital age. She explained the science behind the effectiveness of storytelling and showed examples of how […] Read more »

UCLA Royce Hall

Guest Lecture – UCLA Extension

I had the honor and pleasure of doing a guest lecture on campus for UCLA Extension. I presented on social media marketing in real estate and it was a complete trip to be at the FRONT of the lecture hall rather than sitting in the bleachers. My husband was in […] Read more »

Amazing pan work at Left Handed Cook in La Crescenta

DIGGS Favorite Restaurants

DIGGS Favorite Restaurants We love food. We love making, eating and talking about food. That’s why you need to pay attention to our favorite eats list. We won’t steer you wrong. Pinky swear. You can filter by location to narrow down your delectable choices. Read more »

Glendale Homes For Sale

Character Homes in Glendale and Beyond

What is a character home? Emphasize style and aesthetics, not just functionality Typically built before 1945 Are often built as part of the first developments in a new city. Developers would advertise their new communities as ideal places to live and used architecture to attract families to take a chance […] Read more »

4th of July Fireworks Shows

The Glendale CA Guide To 4th of July Fireworks

4th of July…Childhood memories filled with fireworks, BBQs, family gatherings and chasing fireflies. We have four major 4th of July celebrations and firework shows near Glendale that might be of interest to you and your family.  Each one has it’s own flavor and purpose. DIGGS Favorite: Crescenta Valley Fireworks My all-time favorite fireworks celebration is […] Read more »

View From Brand Park

Hiking in Brand Park

People who live in Northwest Glendale know that hiking and mountain biking is a favorite activity. Take the fire road that starts at the Doctor’s House.  The first part of this hike is a bit wicked as the fire road consists of several really steep switchbacks (Man, I really hate […] Read more »

Mother's Day Events in Glendale Ca

Mother’s Day Guide, Glendale And Beyond

Mother’s Day Brunch in Glendale and Beyond (we update this post every year. check back in late April for this year’s update!) Mother’s Day is a celebration of great food and gorgeous spring delights enjoyed by mother’s and adoring families. There are a lot of options for Mother’s Day Brunch […] Read more »

9 Safe Moves Today for Glendale Ca real estate

9 Solid Real Estate Moves For Uncertain Times

You might feel unsure about the Glendale Ca real estate market right now. You just finished your first tax return after the recent income tax code changes, and you are still not sure if you won or lost. Or, if you won, you might wonder if things will change again. […] Read more »