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    How To Choose The Best Listing Agent

    How To Pick The Best Listing Agent

    You want to know how to pick the best listing agent for your home. I’ve spent decades coaching home sellers and other agents on how to find and pick the best listing agent. I have lists of questions and statistics to gather. I’ve even had ...

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    listing agent questionnaire

    How To Identify The Wrong Listing Agent For Your Home

    Picking the wrong listing agent for your home could be a disaster! Selling your home is a huge and important step in your life - you can't afford to make a big mistake. You don't know what you don't know, but you are afraid of the bad, lazy,...

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    Top Glendale CA real estate agents

    10 Top Questions For Your Realtor

    As a one of the top Glendale Ca real estate agents I can predict with some confidence what a homeowner wants to know.  Here are the questions I think a savvy home owner should ask when choosing a Realtor to sell their home. Here are the To...

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    Get Human. Get DIGGS.

    Is A Discount Agent Worth It?

    Real Estate Is More Than Numbers On A Contract You probably hope for a pain-free process when you buy or sell a home. There are a lot of internet sites that promise technology will ease your pain. They replace an experienced and dedicated s...

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