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    Shop for a mortgage

    The Definitive Guide On How To Shop For A Mortgage

    The smart home buyer wants to know how to shop for the best mortgage to finance their home purchase. They suspect there are a lot of moving parts and a mistake that could cost big money right away and for years to come. How do you analyze al...

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    Saving for a down payment

    9 Ways To Get A Down Payment On A House

    It seems impossible to get enough money for a down payment on a house. It is the most common barrier to the Great American Dream of homeownership. In spite of this, every year we help buyers buy their first home. We have learned a lot about ...

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    how to choose a good contractor

    Shea Case – Tap Your Equity for Home Improvements

    Home Equity Loans are perfect for your dreams about an extra bedroom for your Glendale CA home. A new kitchen? Maybe you'd like to build an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) or a guest house. Glendale Ca Home values have risen quite a bit ov...

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