Working with DIGGS is unlike working with any other broker.

We work hard, play hard, enjoy life and we do some kickass real estate.  We are a small office and likely to stay that way, but we need a few good people to come play with us.

We are looking for passion filled, super smart people who want to become a true professional…. not merely a salesperson.  Ideal candidates are college educated with a background in financial services, hospitality management or entertainment production.  If your current profession includes the need to understand lots of different people, problem solve on the spot and a full commitment of mind, body and soul to succeed, you might also thrive at DIGGS.   You love the pace and the demands of your current job but you crave a way to shape your own destiny, to reap the rewards of your personal efforts.  Current experience as an agent is not a benefit, here, as you would need to work hard to retrain yourself to a different standard.

If you are excited by reading this, if you want to find out more about DIGGS and what we can do for your life, click through this presentation.  And then,  you will know…. Are you DIGGS Tribe?

If you think you are our Tribe, call 818-482-1885 or fill out the form below for a confidential interview. We can’t wait to meet you.

Agent Interview

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