Plan Now to Sell in 2018

Thinking of selling your Glendale Ca home in 2018? Many homeowners take four to six months to finally get their home on the market. If 2018 is your year to cash out, then it is a good idea to start planning and preparing now. Here are the most important steps to take right now.

Where do you want to go?

Your Glendale Ca home has been great, but maybe you’d like to experience somewhere new. If you have a short list, start visiting these places now, especially if you’ve only visited during vacation season. While you are there, meet with a Realtor or two and find out about the home buying process in that area. The smart buyer knows that the internet only goes so far- for true knowledge you need to talk to an expert. If you need a referral let us know.

If you are not sure where to go, check out our live show on Facebook, DIGGS Live for some great ideas on where to move.

Start to Declutter

Whether you actually put your home on the market in 2018 or not, decluttering your home is an awesome gift to yourself and your family. It is a daunting task to even start, and I wrote about my personal journey to decluttering in this post. If you need a little help, ask for the ClutterBuster Guide at the end of that article.

Call DIGGS for a Strategy

Many people won’t call a Realtor for advice because they hate being “sold”. However, we are the best resource possible to help you prepare for this move! My “smart” sellers call me months and even years before they actually move.  My advice has helped them net hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit by choosing strategic improvements to their homes. Here are a few stories of how we make our Glendale CA Home sales more profitable

Find a Realtor NOW that you feel you can trust. Their advice and support from now until you sell will be invaluable.

Profitable Improvements

You do not need to remodel an entire kitchen to make a great profit selling your Glendale CA home. Quick fixes, like adding colorful plants to your landscape or cleaning your windows, are simple and best done just before you put your home on the active market. However, there are a number of more involved items that will increase your overall sales price.  If you wait until the last minute the entire list might be overwhelming, but over a period of time everything is easily accomplished.

Here is an ebook of DIGGS 50 Top Tips for Selling Your Glendale Ca Home.

Other Glendale CA Home owners have made this move

Jan and Mike loved their Glendale CA home in the Rossmoyne. They were the popular couple in their neighborhood and Jan was involved in a number of different groups in town.

Despite these deep seated roots, Jan and Mike craved a new adventure. Jan is an avid gardener and they wanted to relocate to a cooler climate with fewer water restrictions.

In this DIGGS Sold Story we find out how Jan and Mike found their dream area and how they went about selling their home of several decades.


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