How To Find A Glendale Rental Home

It is hard to find a place to rent in the Glendale area.  
Rental vacancies are scarce in La Crescenta, La Canada, and Pasadena, as well.

If you are local and can devote the time to driving by an available unit, you might be one of the several applications a landlord receives in the first few days. If you are not local, or you have a demanding life with no time to search fruitlessly- well, it’s hard.

DIGGS Rents – Pay What You Want
Until now.  Introducing DIGGS Rents. Our licensed and trained professionals will help you get into the best rental possible with a minimal amount of fuss. We’ve been doing it for years for our personal clients, and now that same level of care is available for you.

We are so confident in the experience we’ll provide for you, we are willing to let you decide what to pay after your transaction is complete. Yes, really… you choose.

How Does THAT work?!
Before we start your search we’ll have a short meeting to assess your goals.  If we decide to move forward we will sign a one page agreement to formalize exactly how we are committed to you and your needs and your agreement to work with us. There is no set fee in this agreement, it just states that you will decide what you are willing to pay once we succeed in securing your new rental. Think of this like a yoga class with a donation box instead of a class fee.

How much should I pay?
We truly mean, “pay what you want” whether it is $200 or $2,000, the decision is completely up to you.

What Factors Should I Consider?
Once your lease is signed ask yourself the following:

  • Did my DIGGS agent save me time or frustration?
  • Did my DIGGS agent work 5 hours or 50 hours?
  • Did my DIGGS agent show me one area or take to multiple areas?
  • Did my DIGGS agent help me win among multiple lease applicants?

What If I Can’t Afford To Pay Anything?
We understand. We still want to help!

If you have a great experience perhaps you’ll become one of our raving fans and leave an awesome review online and talk us up with your friends and relatives!

I’ve Never Heard This.  Are You Crazy?!
Generally speaking, yes.  But, there is a lot of stuff in the real estate industry that doesn’t make sense to us, so we think crazy is a good thing.

So, crazy we might be, but we are not only ones.  We got this idea from our good friends at Bamboo Realty. Check out their site and what their clients have to say about this idea.


Want to know more? Give a little info to get started and we will be in touch shortly. Don't worry, we won't hassle you- that would be uncool. We just want to find out how we can help.

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