Words Matter

  How often do we take words for granted? How often do we say what is in our heads with no thought for how the message is received? The gap between your thought and their reception can be huge- friendships are destroyed, marriages fall apart and wars are fought in […] Read more »

DIGGS Live- Move to Bend Oregon

You would LOVE to sell your home at these peak prices…. but where would you go?! Join me as I talk with my Realtor pals from all over the country- what is their area like, how much do homes cost and who is already living there? In this episode my […] Read more »

DIGGS Live – Move to Hawaii

Today, on DIGGS Live we talk to my boyfriend, Erik Hinshaw about what it is like to move to Hawaii. Erik Hinshaw went from a high powered, high-stress life on the mainland to a life of happiness and Aloha on Hawaii. On DIGGSLive I’ll get his scoop on what it […] Read more »

Glendale Solar Eclipse Information

Are you getting excited about the 2017 solar eclipse in Glendale, CA in just a few days?  Many of my friends are traveling into the path of totality, but I am not. It just didn’t seem like that big of a deal…and it is too late to change my mind.  Everything […] Read more »

found right house

7 ways to know you have found the right house

You might have looked at a hundred houses and they all could sort of work if only…  We’ve been there. Buying a house is a major commitment, even if you have done it ten times before. You want to know that you aren’t going to regret your decision in a […] Read more »

Curbed LA let DIGGS sit at the cool table

  One of the cool houses DIGGS has for sale in Glendale, CA was featured in Curbed LA and we are trying not to freak out! These are the cool kids and they noticed us. We know that we have really cool listings, and we represent really cool people, but the DIGGS […] Read more »

Target is Coming to La Canada

The La Canada Valley Sun reported that Target is moving into the old Sport Chalet space in the Town Center and the interwebs is blowing up. A community-sized Target store will occupy the retail space in La Cañada’s Town Center left vacant last year, when locally founded sporting goods retailer Sport […] Read more »

Rocky Cola Cafe- Tim Berger

Montrose Community News- Rocky Cola Cafe is Moving Forward

Have you been one of the Montrose Community members wondering when the old Rocky Cola Cafe would open as something….anything? You are not alone, and we are finally getting some answers. In this recent article in the Glendale News-Press we find out that after sitting vacant at the eastern gateway […] Read more »

Boise Idaho

DIGGS Live- Move to Boise Idaho!

DIGGS Live- Would you like to move to Boise Idaho? You’d love to sell your home at today’s high prices, but where will you go? I keep hearing that Boise Idaho is an awesome and beautiful place. I’ve never been, so I am excited to talk to my gal pal, […] Read more »

Raleigh North Carolina

DIGGS Love- Move to Raleigh North Carolina

DIGGS Live- You’d love to sell your home for today’s high prices, but where would you go? How about a move to Raleigh, North Carolina? A few months ago I finally had a chance to visit Raleigh and I was entranced!! It had all the romance I expected and none […] Read more »