Welcome Robyn Mitchell to DIGGS!!!

We are beyond excited to welcome Robyn Mitchell to the DIGGS Tribe. We fell in love with Robyn when she sold one of our Glendale listings. It is so RARE to find an agent who cares as much as we do about the little details that make the transaction easier […] Read more »

Wondering if it’s time to sell your house?

Knowing when it’s time to sell your house is not an easy thing. Ten years. That’s the average amount of time a homeowner stays in a house, according to the National Association of Realtors®. Think that sounds surprisingly short? Or way too long? The fact is, people’s reasons for selling […] Read more »

Ten Top Trends Affecting Indie Brokers

I had a blast moderating Inman News Indie Broker Summit last month in San Francisco. 500 or so owners of independent real estate companies from across the globe were there for an entire day to learn from experts and peers. I opened the session with a presentation about the Top Ten Trends […] Read more »

Firescaping: Landscaping for fire safety

Live in a wildfire prone area? If you’re in California like us the answer is probably yes. You may know that the materials your home is made out of can contribute to your home’s level of vulnerability to wildfire, but did you also know your landscaping can play a role […] Read more »

Down Payment Dilemma?

You are a success by anyone’s measure. You make more money than most of your peers. You’ve lived carefully- your student debt is well managed and you’ve managed to save tens of thousands of dollars. And yet… it is not enough to make a 20% down payment on a home […] Read more »

Don’t do these 7 things if you want a clean house

We are always looking for easy tricks to have a clean house. Nobody wants to welcome guests to a messy, unkempt house. It’s embarrassing-rubbing your foot over dust spots that show in the sun, and kicking objects under the couch in an attempt to disguise the clutter your house has […] Read more »

Glendale CA Market Report Search Bar

A Market Report That Matters

I struggle with Market Reports for Glendale CA homes. They are either so simplistic they are meaningless or they are nerdy/geeky complicated. My goal has been to deliver relevant and useful information on how the market is doing on a regular basis. I have found the answer. Introducing the DIGGS Market […] Read more »

Easy ways to save money on air conditioning this summer

Air conditioning is cool (pun totally intended) but it takes a lot of energy to run, and that energy isn’t cheap. Do you open up your bills from the electric company with dread every summer? We have a few tips on ways to save some money on your electric bill […] Read more »

Coming Soon, Spanish Style Home in Glendale

Northwest Glendale is one of the HOTTEST neighborhoods in Glendale and we have the hottest listings coming up! Do you want to be the first to know? Fill out the form below to join DIGGS Insiders. Insiders are the first to know about upcoming listings and deals we hear about over […] Read more »

Why are there no homes on the market?

The number of available homes to buy in Glendale CA is up from last month… but that is typical for the summer months. We have fewer homes for sale than the same time, last year. Market Watch posted the article, “Why aren’t there enough houses to buy?” and I felt […] Read more »

Glendale CA Homes Mid Year Market Forecast

I’ll bet you have opinions on how the Glendale Ca homes market is doing. You probably think things are slowing down. It feels like there are more For Sale signs in the neighborhood. It seems like interest rates are rising. You feel like the market is about to correct, right? You […] Read more »

Transformation on a Shoestring….

We are getting a reputation for our astonishing DIGGS Transformations for our Glendale Ca homes. We’ve take homes from drab to fab and our home sellers enjoy the profits! We are experts on making a little coin go a long way, but sometimes the coin is non-existent. Sometimes all you have is […] Read more »