Stunning Mid Century Atrium Home

This is a stunning post and beam Mid Century Modern home in Pasadena Ca that has two separate atriums in the home!

We have design challenges with just ONE atrium, figuring out how to properly utilize two give me the hives.

Interestingly, this home was last sold only 2 years ago and we have the delight of comparing before and after shots of both atriums!

First, let’s take a look at the main living atrium

In the older version, the main atrium had a roof over the top and it was used as the formal Dining Room.

1450 El Mirador, Pasadena


1450 El Mirador, Pasadena

In the new version, the atrium is open to the fresh air and sunlight and is outfitted as a meditative space and visual focal point.

The secondary atrium:

1450 El Mirador, Pasadena

In the older version, we can again see a sort of covering over the top.

1450 El Mirador, Pasadena

In the new version, the cover is removed and the atrium once again functions as intended- a room that blurs the lines between indoor living and out. The ipe wood deck and integrated spa make the entire space feel as one with the rest of this over the top luxurious master suite.

This home, in its current form, is drop-dead gorgeous. Of course, for $2,899,0o0 it really should be amazing! Click any photo for a link to the entire listing and photos, or click 1450 El Mirador, Pasadena to see the current listing and schedule an appointment to view. While this is not a DIGGS listing we are eager to show this to an appreciative buyer!

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  1. Jon says:

    Good God! BAM! This here is the ONE! I’m in LOVE! I LOVE the new version. LOVE IT! DO YOU HEAR ME? Why would you post this while we’re gearing up to start building? Now I’m going to have to punch a bunch of holes in our house. LOL!

    Just had to stop by and let you know my mouth was hanging open. <3

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