Glendale Real Estate Market Report

This has to be one of the strangest quarters in my residential real estate career. Not only are the number of available homes way down, when they should be way up for spring…. the number of new listings coming on the market is the lowest I’ve ever seen. Which means that […] Read more »

Market Report Glendale, La Canada, La Crescenta

Market Update- Are Prices Softening?

As a whole, sales prices in Glendale, La Canada and La Crescenta are NOT softening… but asking prices are “at risk”. This means higher priced homes are staying on the market, longer, and we are seeing an increase in price reductions. Here is what our sales activity looks like: The […] Read more »

The California Market

Market Update- What about 2017?

In 2017 we will see modest gains in price and inventory in the housing market in California. Leslie Appleton-Young is the chief economist at the California Association of Realtors.  In her latest update on the market, Young  explored a number of issues facing the California homeowner. Our Economy  We are […] Read more »

The California Market

The Market Feels Different…..

The market feels different right now.  Actually, it’s been shifting for the last month, or so. There are fewer phone calls on my active listings.  There are fewer offers.  Multiple offers are still common, but we’ve gone from 5 – 10 offers down to two or three.  The buyers seem […] Read more »

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La Crescenta Market Report, April 2016

Uh-oh.  Looks like we are headed for a repeat of last spring/summer’s crazy time.  Were you paying attention to the La Crescenta real estate market last July?  Oiy- it was… interesting.  Let’s dive into the numbers for this month. The green bars shows us how many homes were on the […] Read more »

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Glendale Market Report, April 2016

The spring market is in full swing.  Lots of new listings on the market, but there are lots of eager buyers, too.  Is it still a home seller’s market in Glendale?  Let’s do the numbers. Long time readers will note a small change in this chart.  Normally I talk about the […] Read more »

Pasadena, Cal Tech at night

Pasadena Market Report February 2016

There are few places lovelier than Pasadena in spring.  Ok, there’s Paris… but outside of that?  Nah.   Looks like inventory is starting to crawl out of the winter doldrums.  Good thing, too.  Our open house traffic is up exponentially- the buyers are out there to BUY.  The number of […] Read more »

La Canada Market Report February 2016

Spring is in the air, Descanso Gardens is glorious and the mock orange is in full pollen production. Joy.  Inventory is starting to climb out of the winter blues and more homes are coming on the market in that magic $1,500,000 sweet spot. The “Migrate to La Canada Schools” season […] Read more »

La Crescenta Life at the Baseball field

La Crescenta Market Report February 2016

After a long, dark winter our La Crescenta Homes for Sale are finally starting to perk up… but OIY!  The prices!  You can’t tell from these charts but… prices are definitely continuing to rise in the Foothills.  Let’s dive into the numbers.   As always I start with a look […] Read more »

Glendale Market Report February 2016

Spring is in the air!  Glendale inventory is rising (finally) and the Glendale Home Buyers are eager to snatch them up.  I had the craziest Glendale Home For Sale– but I will tell you all about that, later.  Let’s dive into the numbers, shall we? I always start with the […] Read more »

Pasadena, Ca City Hall

Pasadena Market Report December 2015

Bottomline: Inventory and sales dropped like a rock in December, but this isn’t much of a surprise.  This happens ever year in December.  The bigger surprise was the drop in average price… perhaps I should explain… Everywhere the same story is playing out.  It seems like every homeowner said, I […] Read more »