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Plan Now to Sell in 2018

Thinking of selling your Glendale Ca home in 2018? Many homeowners take four to six months to finally get their home on the market. If 2018 is your year to cash out, then it is a good idea to start planning and preparing now. Here are the most important steps to […] Read more »

Glendale CA homes are not like the Ninth Ward

DIGGS Live (not)- Move To New Orleans

You would love to sell your Glendale Ca homes at today’s high prices, but where would you go?  The world is a big place! I am talking to all my Realtor pals across the country to find out what it is like to live in their neck of the woods. […] Read more »

The Secret to Selling a Home

It’s not what you think. It’s not about the expected, it’s not about the obvious. This ain’t your mama’s Diggs. Selling a home takes more than selecting a price and sticking a sign in the yard. It’s about what’s behind the scenes. It’s about listening to your needs, designing a […] Read more »

Sold Story – Sherrie Horie

Losing your husband is really, really hard. Sherrie and Hart had had a wonderful life together for many decades, and his passing was difficult for Sherrie. She’d been planning to move out of Glendale in that unimaginable time after Hart’s passing, but now that he was gone she had a […] Read more »

Sold Stories – Robert and Emillie

I first met Robert and Emillie at an open house in La Crescenta.  They knew they needed to get their kids into a different school district, but they loved their house and neighbors.  Letting go was a process…. Robert is s occupational therapist and Emillie is a registered nurse.  They have three children, […] Read more »

Sold Stories- Greg and Bynette

Greg and Bynette had arrived at an enviable place in life. Neither was tied to a particular location and they were free to live anywhere they wanted. 1657 Cielito had not been home for very long and they still loved living with the stunning architecture and the drop dead city views. However, […] Read more »

Sold Stories- Frank and Rachel

Buying a home is stressful no matter how you do it, but for most, buying the “move up” home is a lot more complicated than buying the first one. At least, that is what Rachel and Frank thought. Their first home purchase was crazy.  Their apartment lease was due to expire, […] Read more »

Sell Glendale CA Home in AS Is condition

Video: Can I Sell My Home As Is?

The most frequent question I hear is “Can I sell my Glendale Ca home “as is”?” I’ve discovered that “as is” means different things to different people.  Many people want to avoid major repairs or remodeling.  Some want to avoid expensive staging or landscaping. The answer, of course, is “Yes”!  You […] Read more »

5 “Don’ts” When Showing a Home

There are many serious and learned articles and blog posts detailing the “5 Most Profitable Fixes” for selling your home or “Little Known Secrets of Staging a Home for Sale” and the like.  Heck, I might have written posts like that myself. Today, however, I wanted to talk about the lighter side of […] Read more »

50 Top Tips For Selling Your Home

Many homeowners want to know, “Can I sell my home in “as is” condition?” The answer is easy- YES. I have to ask, though.. is that what you really want? Most realize that fixing up the home to sell makes good business sense.  The question is, what to should they […] Read more »

DIGGS Homes are now in 3D

Have you ever wished you could see what is around that corner? Been frustrated that the pictures don’t show a bedroom or only a section of the family room? DIGGS proudly introduces a whole new way to view homes online. Our immersive 3D technology is like having Google Street View […] Read more »